Pine Needle - Economic Activity  
under  S.G.S.Y

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After successful launching of Herbal Soap manufactured by Ali SHG Paliur, DRDA Chamba has introduced another Economic Activity under Sawaran Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana(SGSY) i.e. Preparation of home/office articles and decorative items using Pine Needles (Pine Needle Craft). The idea behind selection of this activity is the availability of raw material (Pine Needles) in the surrounding areas and which is free of cost. As the said raw material is very dangerous for forest property. Due to these pine needles number of Fire events take place in various areas of the district as well as in the state resulting in loss of Forest Property. But if we procure these raw materials well in time then the fire events could be avoided and valuable forests can be saved and on the other hand by the use of these pine needles a viable income generation activity can be started for the rural SHG members especially women. In this way rural economy could be boosted. With the collaboration with Kangra Mahila Sabha(NGO), 827 women have been trained under this activity. The block-wise detail is as under:-

Sr. No. Development Block Total Trainees B. P. L Non-B.P.L SC ST OBC Funds Utilized 
1 Chamba 175 148 27 84 35 0 218750
2 Mehla 120 96 24 38 7 4 150000
3 Salooni 182 148 34 53 9 16 227500
4 Bhattiyat 156 117 39 47 11 17 195000
5 Tissa 194 161 33 63 44 3 242500
  Total 827 670 157 285 106 40 1033750